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Shatter Taboos, Lighten the Way

One Year of Safe Periods, 
Limitless Dignity.

Women and young girls are still discriminated against in their households during their periods. They're not allowed to cook, clean, sit with the family and be treated as equals. This Diwali, we decided to spread the light by talking with women, empowering them to break these taboos. The `change starts within each one of us!
Let's empower each other to speak up, be free and create a society that is kind and just to all.

Join Us in Empowering Communities!

Some Glimpses


Rs. 100-250

Provide a pad, picture a smile!

You will receive a thank you note from our end, to show our gratitude.

Some goodies as a token of our appreciation!

Rs. 500-700

Provide 1 year's worth of pads to 2 girls.

A thank you note, digital art work + a t-shirt with another piece of artwork drawn by a girl child on the theme of Education For All.

Rs. 250-500

Provide 1 year's worth of pads to 1 girl.

A thank you note and a digital print of artwork done by children, based on the theme Education For Girls.

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