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Our Upcoming Initiatives

Archana and her team are growing and so is our project.
Know more about our upcoming programs. Feel free to contact us for more information.




School and Community Workshops


Art Days

Schools and communities are promised a certain fund by the government for upkeep of toilets, sanitary product distribution, paying sanitation staff etc.

We want to conduct surveys in schools and constituencies across Karnataka to understand if their hygiene and sanitation needs are being fulfilled.

We have been conducting workshops in schools and communities on menstrual hygiene management and proper hygiene practices since 2018. 

We aim to cover 50 schools by 19th November 2023, World Toilet Day.

As a fundraising campaign for the students and our partners,  we aim to conduct "Art Days" in school. The art created by the students will then be promoted as merchandise. 

Just like all interns, our desreve to be remunerated for their hard work

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We appreciate you and your generosity. We will make sure that every penny of your contribution goes toward the betterment of SHE and the communities we serve.
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