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Funds For Toilet Maintenance and Hygiene 

Archana created a petition to bring attention to the necessity for government funds towards toilet maintenance and  hygiene in schools in Karnataka. 
This is the camapign that promised a 100 Cr budgets towards the same, as promised by the former eductaion minister of Karnataka.


An ongoing hashtag on social media, it once began as a fundraising campaign for SHE. In partnership with 1Gen we sold merchandise that contributed towards SHE's activities. This hashtag is the essence of our work at SHE, every woman, child and individual who uses public toilets, and everyone who menstruates, deserves and demands change.

Clean and safe SBM toilets on NH-75

Archana drafted this petition after observing the frightening situation of the toilets on the national highway between Sakhleshpura and Bangalore. 
This campaign got a response from NHAI Project Director, Somashekhar SP, that the toilets will be well kept. It garnered 129,311 signature. 

Leading Lights

Our leading lights are young women and girls who bring us stories from their communities. Our intention is that these stories inspire you to join us in our movement, and bring light to the plight of many women and children in rural, urban and peri-urban Karnataka. We invite you, the changemakers of our community, to send us write-ups on your experience with menstrual health, hygiene and sanitation.

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From a village called Noovli in Hubli

Workshop Impact



Workshops Conducted  Online/Offline



 Girls Attended Workshops



Schools Covered 




Campaign - Bring back girls students to govt schools across Karnataka by providing clean and safe toilets.

Campaign to Ensure clean and safe toilets for women on National highways 




Menstrual Hygiene Management workshop 

Menstrual Hygiene session for School

Waste management sessions for School

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