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‘Govt Gives Fund For Toilets, Overlooks Maintenance’


Archana K R, a menstrual hygiene and sanitation activist, has been campaigning for increased state funding to keep government school toilets clean and functional

I wear many hats: a ninja representative of Reap Benefit Solve; a change-maker with Foundation; a network fellow at Youth Ki Awaaz Action and; the founder of Stand4SHE. I am active menstrual hygiene and sanitation campaigner too.

The Union Budget this year has sanctioned ₹1,41,678 crore for Swachh Bharat mission 2.0. It will be great if the authorities concerned also use the money on maintenance of toilets instead of building new structures. Maintenance of school toilets, especially in rural areas, is key to girl child education.

While working with government school students across Karnataka, I found that parents stop sending their daughters to school once they reach puberty, because of inadequate toilet facilities in schools.

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