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These Women Are Changing Their World, One Petition at A Time

Updated: Jul 27, 2021


These five women saw something wrong in the world & decided to change it. Here are their stories of impact. THE QUINT What do you do when you encounter an issue which bothers you? Like the open drain in front of your home? Or that one time you were cat-called on the way back from work? Most of us would brush off the irritation and move on, but some Indian women refused to let go. They persisted; in demanding change from governments, policymakers and stakeholders.

Using petitions on, these #SheCreatesChange changemakers have achieved significant impact in sanitation, education and disability-rights. The #SheCreatesChange campaign by provides support to women to initiate campaigns on issues that matter to them and put them in touch with relevant decision makers who could address their demand. As a part of The Quint’s ‘Me, the Change’ campaign, presented by Facebook, here’s looking at five such changemakers and the issues they fought for. Read more-

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