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Updated: Jul 12, 2022


Archana KR shares some of her favorite moments from Season 1 of Panchayat.

Archana KR is a Reap Benefit teamster passionate about issues related to sanitation and hygiene


Panchayati (Panchayat). When I hear this word I am taken back to my childhood days. Our village’s Panchayat office was a small, pretty building with a red tiled roof (in Kannada we call it Henchina Mane). In the front, there was a big tree and some round stones.

In those days, the buses usually stopped in front of the Panchayat office. On Saturdays there would be many people waiting for the morning bus which would reach my village at 11:30 am. But people would start queuing up from 7 am, often wearing a knup or long plastic covers to protect them from the rain. Only a few people would be carrying an umbrella. I used to think that the people with umbrelass were very rich back then. On most days, our Panchayat office would be locked and the premises would turn into a space for kids to play or a makeshift adda for the elderly to chitchat. On Saturdays, the office would open, as that was when many people would go to the weekly santhe and they would use the Panchayat office as a place to keep their knup, rain coats and other materials. Only a few people would actually be there to discuss some Grama Panchayat related topic. Read more-

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