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SHE and 1GEN work together to raise awareness about sanitation, toilets, and menstrual hygiene management in Bangalore and across Karnataka.

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Archana KR

Archana KR hails from a village in Karnataka called Sakhleshpura. Now qualified with a masters' of social studies, she has been driven to make a social change since a very young age.


She has since taken on the magnanimous task of improving the condition of toilets around rural Karnataka and Bangalore. Since she set out on this mission she has impacted many young girls’ lives and given hope to underserved communities of the region. She works with the scheduled caste, Muslim and trans communities to spread awareness, make them realize their rights and to understand their requirements.

She has been the director of Reap Benefit for six years and carries on her activism via this organization.
SHE was conceptualized to positively impact the circumstances of those living with sanitation hazards and period poverty.


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Ayesha Khan

Chief Creative Officer

Paul Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Basant H. Singh

Chief People Officer

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Jessica Saldana

Chief Finance Officer

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Veera Pusdekar

Project Lead

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