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About S.H.E.

SHE stands for Sanitation, Hygiene and Education. Founded by Archana KR, it has been and has been functional on ground since 2018.

The surveys SHE has conducted have highlighted the inadequacy in cleanliness, safety, and overall management of public toilets. Leading to the numbers shown above. 

Our long term goal is to reduce the number of girls that drop out of school due to unhygienic toilets and lack of awareness in menstrual hygiene management.


With 1 Mission to revolutionize the sanitation system


School girls drop out due to lack of adequate spaces to manage menstrual hygiene


Young girls in India lack access to a hygienic toilet.


Young girls in India lack access to a hygienic toilet.


Of the rapes that occur, take place when girls and women go for open defecation.

Leading Lights

Stories have the power to inspire. Leading Lights is the story of champions and change-makers. We would love to hear about your experiences with sanitation and hygiene education in the social impact space or even just personal stores!

Our leading lights are young women and girls who bring us stories from their communities. Our intention is that these stories inspire you to join us in our movement, 

S.H.E. - The Toilet Ninja

SHE - The Toilet Ninja, tells the story about the harsh reality faced by countless girls who drop out of school when they begin menstruating, simply due to the absence of clean toilets. The film follows Archana, on her quest to tackle the stigma surrounding menstrual hygiene and sanitation. She confronts societal taboos, challenges archaic norms, and empowers young girls with education about safe menstrual hygiene practices. Through captivating visuals and powerful testimonials, the film sheds light on the power of individual action and the resilience of the human spirit.

S.H.E - The Toilet Ninja is not just a film—it's a call to action, a beacon of hope, and a testament to the power of humanity to change the world, one toilet at a time.

Become Part of The Community

Explore how you would like to join the movement fo sanitation, hygiene and education. Whether is volunteering with us, donating or promoting us on social media - small actions create a ripple effect. You play a big part in our journey towards a more equitable world. 

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