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Be A Part of the Film Impact Campaign

We look forward to your involvement in our efforts to screen our documentary film across the globe. Your support fuels our mission! Request a screening, shop our film merchandise, or volunteer to support the team when we screen the film in your city.

Buy Film Merchandise
Apparels can always be a conversation starter. Join and represent the movement by imitating that conversation. 

Volunteer for the Screening
You have the great opportunity to meet the team behind the film and volunteer with us for the event. Find our film impact campaign tour on our website to see if when we are screening in your city!

Request a Screening
Loved the film and want to organize a screening in your community or organization? Reach out to us with your details and be sure to receive a response!

Promote the Film
Social media has the power to spark change. Small actions like engaging and sharing our posts can lead to bigger ripples of awareness.

Click on the location pins on the map to know when the tour is being conducted near you!

The Film Impact Campaign

Have any questions?

Please don’t hesitate to
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